Web Travel Map

A list of the top web travel maps with their pros and cons.

web travel map - google

Google is actually a mapping application and is broad enough in features so it makes a solid web travel map.  It’s free, easy to use, a robust database, directions, street view, different map types, save & shareable maps, and they’re slowing integrating travel booking into it.

If you’re going to need a lot of pins & don’t want to mess with layers (a individual collection of pins) keep moving down this list: Google limits you to 10 pins/layer.  Also, Google doesn’t have the best history with privacy since they make money based on selling your data, so if you want your data to stay with you, keep reading.

Mapquest is another mapping application that works at a web travel map.  In 2010, they switched their infrastructure to open source, meaning it’s updated by individual contributors; 1,000,000 of them in fact.  This makes their database on par with Google, and potentially more up-to-date since ordinary people can update it at will, not a major corporation.

It doesn’t have some useful features, like drag-n-drop routes, street view, or photo search, but if you’re looking for Google alternative, check out Mapquest.

web travel map - mapquest
web travel map - onlinetravelmap

Disclaimer:  We are OnlineTravelMap, so we think our website is pretty freaking awesome.  We wanted a web travel map and didn’t see any solid websites out there that did what we wanted, so we’re making it.  We’re putting in features like mapping every part of your trip (drives, flights, trains, boats, & walks) on a single map, unlimited pins, and attaching photos, dates, & trip notes to each pin.  There are a slew of other cool features, so be sure to check them out.  Our biggest drawback is it’s still in development, but you can get early access when it’s available.

Roadtrippers is currently our favorite tool.  It’s actually a travel planning site so it has a lot of emphasis on booking lodging & points of interest.  This emphasis is delivered through a combination of a clickable legend with the points of interest grouped by type, like nightlife & landmarks, and through an adjustable radius from the driving route you chose.

These booking options are throughout the site, and sometimes becomes a nuisance because you can’t turn it off.  Also, they don’t allow you to map anything other than places you can drive (unlike our site), which makes sense given the name.

web travel map - roadtrippers

Bottomline – Roadtrippers is our current favorite even though it’s a travel planning site.  Of course we’re engineering OnlineTravelMap to be the best.