Maps Online

This is a list of all the maps online grouped by type.

The 2 main uses of these maps online is searching for a location on a map and plot driving routes.

maps online - google - online travel map
Google Maps

The undisputed king of maps online is Google.  It’s free, easy to use, a robust database, directions, street view, different map types, save & shareable maps, and they’re slowing integrating travel booking into it.

Depending on what you need, you might look elsewhere.  If you will drop a lot of pins, you’ll have to use “layers” since Google limits you to 10/layer.  If you’re looking for a map to represent data, like a heat map, a travel map, or an animated map, Google isn’t going to be your solution.

maps online - mapquest - online travel map

Mapquest is another major player in maps online.  Some time ago they switched their infrastructure to open source, which means it’s updated by individual contributors.  1,000,000 of them.  This makes their database on par to Google, and potentially more up-to-date since you & I update it, not a company.

It doesn’t have some useful features, like drag-n-drop routes, street view, or photo search, but if you’re looking for Google alternative, check out Mapquest.

maps online - zeemaps - online travel map

ZeeMaps has an impressive range of features for a site most people don’t know.  In addition to normal mapping application features, they also let you create an area map (like visited place maps), create heat maps (like data maps), build trips (like travel maps), customize icons, and more.  The sacrifice is their site isn’t as user friendly as the sites who specialize in each area.

These maps online come in 2 flavors:  planners & documenters.  The former usually has links for booking travel, lodging, & activities, and the latter plots the route you took, adds photos, & other features.  They’re extremely similar & you could one to do the other.

maps online - online travel map

Disclaimer:  We are OnlineTravelMap, so we’re biased.  If you want travel maps online, OnlineTravelMap, has features like mapping every part of your trip (drives, flights, trains, boats, & walks) on a single map, unlimited pins, and you can attach photos, dates, & trip notes to each pin.  There are enough of other features that you should check out their website for more.  The major drawback is it’s still in development, but you can get early access when it’s available.

maps online - roadtrippers - online travel map

RoadTrippers is a solid travel planning site.  Map your route, choose points of interest from a legend, and show what distance from your main route you’re willing to drive for those points of interest.  It’s a neat feature.  Their business models is clearly based on booking things through them, so you’ll see ads and links to hotels and more throughout the site.

maps online - travelmap - online travel map

TravelMap is a new travel mapping website from France.  It’s geared towards travel bloggers who want a dedicated personal URL & imbedding their maps in their own website.

maps online - travelpod - online travel map

Trip Advisor’s TravelPod was started in 1997 and claim they are the world’s first original travel blog.  In addition to the typical features, like mapping your route, app, & uploading photos, they also let you print your blog as a coffee table book and give you a counter of miles traveled.  Their free version makes all your trips public & puts ads on your trip blogs.

maps online - tripmaker - online travel map

Rand McNally’s TripMaker is a simple travel planning website with the basics (location search & directions), but it has a couple bells and whistles like sending your trip to your GPS device and calculating your total mileage driven, time, & fuel costs.

Not as robust as travel maps, maps online with visited places maps let you either drop points or select entire areas, like states & countries.  The list is alphabetical, and the name of each site is also a link to it’s website.

PIN MAPS are maps with a small image, usually a pin, in the places you choose.

AREA MAPS color the whole area you pick, so if you pick Canada, the whole country becomes a special color.

BigHugeLabs – AREA MAP – Beyond the typical features, BigHugeLabs also lets you change the map size, tweak the colors a bit, & change what’s displayed on your map.  This last feature is intriguing because you can pick countries in Europe, but display the whole world, giving context of how much further you have to go.

MapFling – PIN MAP – This easy to use site has 3 steps to create a map, then gives you a short URL for sharing.

MapJam – PIN MAP – MapJam is by far one of the best looking pin map websites.  They’re taking a simple idea & expanding on it, letting you upload videos & photos to pins & color-code pins.

MapLoco! – AREA MAP – In addition to the normal U.S. & World visited place maps, they also have Canadian provinces & European countries.

Matador Network – AREA MAP – Matador is a publisher of travel-related content.  Their visited countries map is pretty basic.

MyTravelMap – AREA MAP – This visited countries map from New Zealand has sharing to non-U.S. based social networks like VKontakte & Baidu.

Pinmaps – PIN MAP – It’s a pretty old looking site, but has some unique features like exporting your map as PDF & mapping locations by uploading a spreadsheet.

TravBuddy – AREA MAP – This world travel map site has a list of countries as checkboxes grouped by area, like Asia or Caribbean.

Travellerspoint – PIN MAP – Travellerspoint blurs the lines between pin map and travel map: you can order points & connect them with lines, although the lines don’t represent actual routes.

TravelTip – AREA MAP – This bare bones site is similar to TravBuddy: a list of checkboxes grouped by area.

VisitedStatesMap – PIN MAP – Another simple pin map site.  They have a minor color customizability available.

Data maps let you map data geographically, like population & demographic densities, or heat maps.

maps online - amcharts - online travel map

amCharts is a solid data mapping tool.  amCharts maps online is a division of their main data visualization website.  If you want to plot data on a map, like plan routes, heat maps, or animated maps, check them out.  Their maps are based on JavaScript, so they’re fast, but you’ll have to know that programming language to make changes.  If you want a travel map or directions, look elsewhere.

Though technically pin maps, paper maps & atlases are unique enough I thought they deserved their own section.

MapMyTravels – This website sells you typical U.S. & World paper travel maps & accessories, as well as specially designed ones like a national park map, baseball stadium map, family travel map, & children’s maps.  They also have maps for Europe & the countries there.