Map of airport wifi with network name & passwords

A security engineer & blogger plotted this map of airport wifi from crowdsourced data.

Anil Polat, a computer security engineer and travel blogger, asked his readers for the wifi name & password in airports they came across around the world.  He plotted what they sent in on a google map for the benefit of everyone.  A screenshot of this map of airport wifi is above to give you an idea of scope.  Anil said he’ll update the map as more people send in new info.  Get notified of updates from Facebook or Twitter & view the map, or download the iOSAndroid, or Amazon app and always access an up-to-date map.

Use Protection

Of course, now that this map of airport wifi is out there, hackers may be on those networks.  If you’re surfing from a computer you should start using VPN software to keep your surfing safe.  LifeHacker put together a short-list of the best VPN softwares, but if you want to do your own research, check out this robust matrix of benefits & drawbacks of a bunch of softwares.

Bottomline – If you use this awesome map of airport wifi, cool, but use protection.