How Online Travel Map will work

Type where you started.  You can enter names, addresses, coordinates, or just drag-n-drop a point from the menu.

online travel map - start

Add the first stop to your online travel map the same way.

online travel map - first stop

Choose how you got there.  By car is a solid blue line; by plane is a dashed red line; hiking is a solid green line, etc… Change the line & color if you want.

online travel map - how


Save your online travel map, share it on social media, embed it on your travel blog, or print it on canvas & hang it on your wall.

online travel map - route

If you want a more immersive travel map…

Add optional details like

  • photos & never forget where you took them,

  • dates so your travel map becomes a story,

  • tag the people you were with, and

  • enter trip notes describing who you met, food you ate, & your experiences.

online travel map - options
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