Free Maps for Life program

When you sign up for early access, you get a place in line, i.e. your position.  When OnlineTravelMap goes public, the early access folks get first dibs in order of their position, 1st, 2nd, etc…

Bummed that you’re number 300?  Don’t despair!

The Free Maps for Life program allows you to improve your position by signing up family, friends, & followers to OnlineTravelMap using personal referral links for Facebook, Twitter, & more.  Each signup improves your position.
At the end of the program, the 100 folks who signed up the most people win free maps forever.  100 maps.  Free.  New, cool theme maps like Game of Thrones or Fairy-style?  Free.  For.  Life.


To start, sign up for early access to OnlineTravelMap by entering your email address in the header above.  You’ll get an email to confirm your opt-in (it’s the law).


After confirming your entry, I’ll send a welcome email with your personal referral links.  Sign up family, friends, followers using those links.  When someone does, you improve your position.  Simple!  Check your position on the home page.


When the early access program closes, the 100 folks with the most referrals win free maps for life & faster access to OnlineTravelMap!

You have the power now to avoid paying for maps later, just by signing up some fellow travelers.  Sign up for early access in the header at the top of the page, then use the referral links to save you money later on.  It also gets you access before anyone else!

If you’re unfamiliar with OnlineTravelMap, start your journey here.