cheap airport parking

Cheap airport parking depends on the length of your trip & how far you live from the airport.

The closer you live to the airport, the cheaper getting a ride will be.

If you live less than a 15 minute drive from the airport, you shouldn’t park there.  The parking at the airport is expensive, and the options for cheap airport parking near the airport involve shuttles, which takes up your time so you’ll have to leave earlier to make your flight.  Instead:

  • Take a taxi, Lyft, or Uber.
  • Take a train or subway.  It’s cheaper but may take you longer to get there.
  • Tell a friend you’ll buy them dinner for a ride.  It might be cheaper, & you can tell them about your trip using your online travel map!

Cheap airport parking if you don’t live close means parking near it, not at it.

Parking on-site is stupidly expensive.  $10+ per day?  It costs this much because most air travel is for business travelers, and they can write off parking as a travel expense.  For the rest of us, the above options may still be viable if:

  • For taxi, Lyft, & Uber, there’s a fixed rate for taxi rides to the airport.  Some cities implemented these rates to prevent people from being scammed.  Check your airport’s site to see if it has such a policy in place.
  • For a train or subway, you have time to kill.  Keep in mind you should arrive 2 hours before your flight, a 45 minute subway ride could mean you have to wake up extra early.
  • Your best-friend loves to drive, loves you, & has time to kill.  People that will drive you to and from the airport even more rare than people who will help you move.

My favorite option for cheap airport parking, and one I’ve used multiple times is:

  • They rent parking spaces at hotels close to the airport & they will shuttle you there for your flight.  There’s have a lot of foot traffic, so theft isn’t as much of a concern.  Some even have a private security drive/walk the parking lots.  Best of all, they’re cheap:  I found a rate of $3/day, which beats $10/day to hell.  And no, they didn’t pay me to endorse them.

Bottomline – For cheap airport parking, if you live close to the airport, get a ride, and if you don’t, use a train or