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Best Days to Travel in 2017

1/04/17: A breakdown of when the major holidays in the U.S. happen & some vacation schedule ideas. Read more >>

Are Trains Better Than Planes?

11/01/16: Here are 5 fast ways trains are better than planes. Read more >>

Cheapest Airline to Fly

10/13/16: Spirit, Frontier, & Allegiant aren’t necessarily the cheapest place to buy tickets.  They key is in the extras…  Read more >>

When to Buy Plane Tickets

10/1/16: Is Tuesday morning at 3 A.M. 6 months before your flight really the best time to buy airline tickets?  Get some rest:  there are less sleep-deprived ways to fly cheaply.  Read more >>

How to Get Cheap Airport Parking

9/30/16: Spending $10/day to store your car at the airport sucks.  Here are some much better options, grouped by how close you live to the airport, and how many days your trip will be.  Read more >>

Planning Your Road Trip Online

9/14/16: If you want to explore some of America’s 164,000 miles of highway for your next trip, here’s a quick guide for planning the route, where to find lodging, & some best practices.  Read more >>

Rental Cars Store Cell Data

9/1/16: The Federal Trade Commission warns against connecting your cell to a rental car through USB, saying the car may store & remember some of your cell data.  Read more >>

Maps Online

8/31/16: Here’s a list of the best mapping websites.  You’ll find general mapping websites, travel map sites, visited places websites, data maps, & paper maps.  Read more >>

Map of Airport Wifi

7/30/16: If you travel frequently, you might find this crowdsourced list of airport wifi networks.  If you use it, you might want to download VPN software to protect yourself from hacking (since this info can considered widely used now, hackers will flock to it).  Read more >>

Cheapest Months to Fly

6/30/16: March, April, May, September, & October are the Cheapest months to fly.  Here’s a simple walkthrough on why with a handy calendar visual blocking out bad days.  Read more >>